Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey! Clyde here says for everyone to have a Wonderful Thanksgiving ... America ... Where ever you all might be this year! Clyde is just thankful he won't be on anyone's dinner table and wants to let you know that he will not be attending.

I will be attending to the thanksgiving holiday ... So just to let anyone know, that might drop by, I won't be attending to my Blog until after the holidays. I hope everyone has a warm, safe, and truly spectacular holiday gathering with your friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving!
Anyone from another country, can read about America's Thanksgiving Day, at the links below. I believe Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, only I think theirs is always on the second Monday of November of each year(correct me if I am wrong) !
Americans celebrates on the Forth Thursday of November of each year.
The Thanksgiving Story

The True Thanksgiving Story

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Check out this new Blog I found

I put this Blog in my side bar, because the costumes and dogs are so cute.
I wanted to share this new site I found with all my Pet friends!
Big Paw Designs!
And I did not realize when I added Casper as one of my friends a couple weeks ago, it wasn't working, I fixed that. Here is Caspers Blog, Oh, Soooo cute!Casper D Dog - Hi! My name is Casper. I am a mini American Eskimo Dog(Eskie).
Signed, Jengibre

Who is it?

A rare time when I took a picture of one of my Paintings or drawings.
I was disappointed that this didn't turn out too well in a post but I remember when I painted it and then took this photo, the paint was still wet and as any of you that oil paint know, when oils are still wet they reflect the light and distort the painting. But I know I had no choice on this one because it was a rush order. And I only took the picture because my father was a great John Wayne fan and I wanted to share what I had painted with him even though we lived a distance apart at the time.
I painted and drew and sold all of it all off as if it were nothing, now I wish I had kept a portfolio of everything I had done. The reason ...
I am thinking of taking painting and drawing up again, and this time not for profit. I had quit my art because I moved to this little house and I felt I no longer had the space to paint. But I have talked to my daughter Mindi, that always gives me encouragement! And well ... I am going to do it!

Mt St. Helens/May 18,1980/Harry Truman

When Mt. St. Helen erupted in 1980 my husband and I and my two girls packed off to Northwestern, Washington to live because my husband worked in the Red Zone.
He often took us up into the Red Zone and I can't tell you the devastation we saw!
I was so fascinated by it all that I painted and drew a lot of the eruption and the area around it and nothing fascinated me more than Harry Truman, the old man of the mountain ... He refused to leave and he is buried up there today with his many cats under all that ash and lava. My drawings and paintings were displayed in the Mt. Saint Helen's museum for two years until I started having too many offers to buy them, to turn down. So I am afraid I took them all out and sold them. Today I regret that! I wish now, that I had donated them all to the museum! I only know where two of those paintings are today. One my parents bought, that my daughter now has and (my favorite) went to North Bend, Oregon. The others I have no idea. The picture above is a lithograph that I had done of my original drawing that I sold. I then sold these lithographs un-mounted and unframed for about 20 dollars each (and I had a ton of them). I wish had taken photos of all those paintings, at the very least.


This is a drawing of my Parent's Dog Rebel, that I drew for my fathers Birthday one year. Rebel and my Parents are gone now but I still had this old drawing tucked away

Friday, November 18, 2005

Christmas Sales

I was thinking this when I saw Christmas being displayed and advertised last month (October) and I thought this cartoon cut from my local paper gave a funny twist to it!

Diane Sawyer Look Alike

I am posting this picture for Cube

You have to check out his Blog

(edit: You can now click on the name CUBE... i put the link in the post -dakind)

Cube posted a picture of a MinPin that is a look alike for Jengibre. And of-course he has other great stuff, too. So check him out!
I have never seen another MinPin as small as Jengibre is before.

Who's sleeping in mummy's bed!

Actually, I was going to post something different today, my flowers at the rose show or something along those lines.
I started my Blog back in July and I got my first negative post today. Not really a big deal, huh? But I couldn't believe why! If you would like to read, (you guessed it, anonymous)
comment scroll down to MyKia's (watercolor) picture in the Birdbath. Leave a comment of your own and wipe the bad taste for his comment out of my mouth!

He makes another comment under his first ... "You don't know who I am, HA, HA HA ....... HA ! But I think I do, if not his name, at least I do by the quality he shows in his character! And "Anonymous" is a good name for him because he has probably been anonymous his whole life. Certainly no stars added to his name in God's judgment book!

Above ... A picture of a cat that came to me a few years ago. I named him Washeme. He wrapped himself around my heart immediately, but I promised myself only three cats at a time, so I knew I could not keep him. But I was leaning that way anyway, when a friend of my daughters (he is, American Indian) fell in love with Washeme at first site and he liked his Indian name of, Washeme, too, which I am sure I miss spelled. But he didn't care. He took Washeme to the Indian Reservation with him and I later heard that he had moved to his grandmothers in another state and Washeme went with him, a still much loved cat.

When I find kittens or puppies that need homes I make Birth Certificates for them and I place their paw on an ink pad and place it on the certificate, and a baby picture is also printed on the certificate. Then I leave a place for their new mom and dad to sign, like creams Mom and dad, or Storms, etc. And there is a place for the little ones new name, and a little history of where he was found and any traumas he or she might have gone through. The last two kittens I placed went to their new homes with their birth certificate and whole folders of baby pictures. One was named by her Elderly mommy, Bobbie, and the other was named, Astro, by his new young dad. Both had tears in their eyes after reading the Birth Certificates and seeing all the baby pictures.

It is always worth a little extra effort, and not unhealthy at all. If you can reach out your hand and help just one living breathing being ... Well let God's light shine on you because God will remember your name and it won't be, Anonymous!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mine, when she first came to me

This is "Mine" as she came to me and "Sabara" beside her. I know this is rather graphic but sometimes that is what it takes to see a problem. There are so many abandoned and unloved and unprotected pets in the world. I wish people would take the money and the time to spade or neuter their pets if they do not want the offspring. And if you say you can't afford it ... You can't afford a pet!
I guess what set me off (again) was a couple days ago I talked to someone that has a male cat that wanders the neighborhood. I asked if he was neutered and she said no, she didn't feel she needed to because he was a male. A female she said would be different, babies you know!
I had to rattle my head a moment! What?
Those of you that can tell me what was wrong with that scenario ... ARE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS! Those of you that are still scratching your head, I have only one word for you!
It all reminds me of a friend I had years ago that had 4 boys, "on the pregnancy issue" ... She said she was glad she had only boys and NO girls! And what is sad is that their are many people who think like this neighbor and my past friend! No wonder we can't solve the problems of unwanted pregnancies ... With attitudes like that!
Mark Twain once said, Quote,"God has put something noble and good into every heart his hand created," Unquote.
But I think many have forgotten how to use it!

MyKia as a baby and first arrived

This is MyKia when he first came to me. I do most all of the Doctoring of my cats and dog. I always have antibiotics on hand for emergencies.
I also give them all of their shots. Distemper, Leukemia, Parvo and all the others except Rabies.
That I have to have done (the law) with a Vet. I buy their shots at Coastal Farm, but their are many such places to buy them from.You can get them in combination shot form. They cost only about ten dollars each instead of the staggering amount a Vet charges. So for about forty dollars a year my four pets are protected from most of the worst diseases. Anyone wanting to know more about giving your pet shots, just ask!

Baby MyKia

When MyKia was a baby and he was feeling better! For some reason, all my cats past and present have drank water from this fountain. They have their own water dish but the only one that drinks from that is Jengibre.

My old Rat Pack

Many of you have wondered about how long I have taken in abandoned pets and that was easy to answer, all my life. Here is the Rat Pack I had before the Rat Pack I have living with me now. Boozer is in the middle, she had ear mites so bad when she was brought to me as a kitten that it messed up her inner ears and she was unable to walk without a wobbly gait, therefore her name. She lived with me 18 precious years. On the left is Sabara, love flowed from her and everyone who came to visit me, fell instantly in love with her. She lived with me for 15 years. On the right is Mine, she was brought to me in worse shape than Boozer, with part of her scalp missing. She loved me but was skittish of strangers, like Akasha is today. She lived with me for 12 years. All passed with age. I will post a picture above of what (my then) Mine and (my now)Mykia looked like when they came to live with us. Hopefully it will encourage some of you to give a hand out when you see a pet that needs a home. I only keep three at a time, but I have found homes for many, many more! Sometimes it just takes a little of your time, and you will get the love back for your good deed, ten fold!


This is Brook! The guys at work (Northwest Irrigation) always liked to use a felt pen on a Styrofoam cup and then give it to Brook, who would gladly carry it around all day! She was so funny and loved to get loves and pets from everyone ... Without dropping her pig snout, cup! She belonged to Ray, one of our Welders and came to work with him everyday. When she got too old to come anymore it was like a part of our crew died. Ray was worried that she would not be able to get out of the way of the big Pipe trucks that came in. So it was for the best, but it sure hurt! She had made all our lives richer when she was there!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fall Cleanup

Saying goodbye to the colors of summer is always hard. If it wasn't for the new colors of Fall it would be much harder!
I fill this grey dumpster probably a hundred times over with so many spent colors in the garden ... that which sadly I won't see again until the spring and summer of next year comes!
But then I look around and, Oh, what lovely, reds, yellows, browns, oranges and burgundies of Fall there are!

Braille helping in, Fall Cleanup

As soon as I pulled the flowers from this pot, Braille a beautiful Black and white Fall Flower planted himself there. I never lack for help during fall clean up in the garden, whether it be chasing a few fall leaves into my rake or just giving encouragement from the side lines, all help is welcomed!

Orange Lily

This photo of the last lily to hang on in the garden as fall approached. Lovely against the pink shrub rose. The rose is still hanging onto many of its roses even though we are well into the fall, with cold and rain.

Climbing trees in the park

Jengibre, on a rainy day at the park. This is her favorite tree. This picture doesn't show the raincoat I made her as well as I would have liked. The light was hitting it at a bad angle. But it is really hot pink and a hot yellow. She shows up like Yellow Jacket bee, at a picnic, ha, ha!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jengibre's Biker Cap

Jengibre, wearing her Harley Davidson Cap. And, although her Mom doesn't have a new Bike like Storm's Mom, I think she looks pretty snazzy, ha,ha!
I got this cap for Jengibre at the Harley Davidson dealer, they have all sorts of cool biker stuff for dogs, including a leather Harley Davidson jacket, in lots of different sizes, from the small dog to the big dog.

Friday, November 11, 2005

www.canvasondemand.com can turn your photo into a brush stroke master piece, like this one (you can see this photo in color on their site). It is all done by computer. They do pet pictures but they will also do family, wedding, baby, vacation, graduation and most any kind of photo ... For a price. An 11" by 14" with just light brush strokes costs you about $105.00.

I do the same thing, if you will check out MyKia's masterpiece made by me and the Photo explosion software, below. It cost me under 10 dollars to make my brush stroke masterpiece. And I can go light brush strokes or heavy at the click of my mouse, without it costing me a dime more!
It is best to invest in a really good photo program, that allows you to make masterpieces from your photos, first. I like Paint Shop Pro and Photo Explosion Deluxe. I waited to buy these two photo programs until my local computer store (Staples) had in store and mail in rebates for them. Then you get them if not free, its so close ... Not to notice!

You compare ... a hundred and five dollars for this masterpiece or under ten dollars for mine. And you can easily do the same for your beloved pet or any other beloved if you get the proper program! And have a good printer. It is fun, and it makes a great gift for your family and friends!

MyKia in watercolors

MyKia, in the Birdbath. I took this photo to Photo explosion and turned this photo into a watercolor masterpiece.

I then can take the picture to my printer and print it onto an 8" by 10" or 11"by14" canvas. You can buy the printable canvas for your printer at most computer stores.
I purchase wooden stretcher bars at a hobby or art store for an 8"by 10" or 11"by 14" canvas. They are about a dollar each for each of the 4 sides of your canvas. After locking the connecting 4 sides together you just stretch on your masterpiece over the sides (evenly) to your connected wooden stretcher bars and staple the edges to the sides as you go until you have a tight even fit. Then you are ready to frame it! And it sure costs a FRACTION of the cost of the service that I told you about in the above post.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Problem Solved!

After fighting it out I finally fixed the problem of not being able to post my photos. My daughter, Mindi, tried a couple of things for me but still no luck. Then she suggested changing the format of my photos and then trying to post them again. So simple! And it worked! I still don't know why it stopped posting my old format after all this time. But as long as it works now, I guess I won't lose sleep over it!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Family and Friends

I am sorry I haven't posted anything new for awhile as many of you know I was sick for a time
(and many thanks to all of you, for all the get wells). I started feeling much better yesterday. I never work on my Blog when I am not feeling well because if I am going to mess it all up, that's the time.

Yesterday and today I have tried Posting to my Blog but the pictures end up posting the size of a postage stamp inside a large grainy square. I tried going through Hello but my AOL for some reason isn't opening that either. So until I can talk to my Blogger Guru, my daughter, I am at a stand still.

I think I am going to drop AOL and go to a high speed internet. My daughter has been after me for a long time to do just that. I have dropped two 512 memory chips into my Dell and I have a 200 GB hard drive in it now. All wasted on AOL!

Meanwhile, until I get to posting photos again, I hope you will check out some of the Blog sites I added to my side bar and some of the fun sites I also added to my side bar. Some of the fun sites have things to spice up your Blog, that I have found while checking out things, for my own Blog and I just want to share them with you and other Bloggers!
Oh, and check out the great music videos and I will add more from time to time. If you wish to add any videos to your own Blog, you will find probably the easiest codes, I have ever found to use for that, at pcplanets to add to your template. You will find pcplanets on my side bar. And Jengibre would like all her friends to check out ... I love Dogs, under her favorite blogs and sites.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Sick Bed Pals

Jengibre and Braille, both sleep on the bed with me and sympathize with my being sick, miserable and feeling sorry for myself. I am sorry I haven't posted much lately but I have a fall cold, and nothing is much fun right now. If I have not visited my friends Blogs lately, that also is the reason.
My daughter did some things for me, I wanted to do on my side bar, that I didn't feel up to tackling and she did a great job. Thank you, Mindi! When I feel better I want to add a fun sites area, some more music and a few more Blogs, that I like and would like to share.Posted by Picasa

Akasha, spending the day in the window bed, beside my bed while I am sick! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005


This photo was in my local newspaper, The Democrat Herald. I thought this was really a Novel way for a Mother and baby to spend their first Halloween together.
I know Halloween is over but I thought it was worth posting. So many people came up with such great ideas this year for Halloween. I loved going to all the Blogs that sported their Halloween "Magictry" (is that a word, it should be) because I saw it on a lot of Blog pages this year and I squirreled a lot of that "Magictry" away for myself for next year. (<: