Thursday, September 21, 2006

Got my new Macro lenses

I know it is quite discusting but it does have detail and it is part of having a garden. Sometimes the benifitial garden spider gets a friend instead of a foe. I was too late to save this bee.
I think I will have fun using my new macro lens for my canon eos 20d. I got 4 of them- the +1, +2, +4 & Macro 10, for only $21.95 off of Ebay shipped from the United Kingdom, in just 3 days. They are not top of the line of-course but suite my purposes.

I just bought ink cartridges for my printer off ebay, too. I have a Pixma MP780 and it takes two black cartridges and 3 color cartridges. I bought 4 of each for only 42 dollars for all of them (and that included shipping. I had to pay 12 dollars per cartridge and one of the blacks was even more than that in the stores. I am using my new cartridges now and they are great! I don't know why everyone doesn't shop ebay. I never go to the stores anymore!

Friday, September 15, 2006

From a newly found friend

I know I have not posted as I should have this summer, but their has been so much to do this summer! All fun for me of-course, but it all has left little time to share with my blogging friends.

I had a garage sale 2 weeks ago and I made a little over 800 dollars in cash and much more than that in new friends. Many just loved the garden and didn't want to leave, ha, ha!
Someone called Mad Dog came back after my sale and gave me two bottles of his homemade wine, Yumm! Another named Jerry came back twice durring my sale just to sit and visit at the picnic table durring my sale but also in the last two weeks jerry has left gifts for my Garden in our driveway. I will tell you a funny story of Jerry in my next post. But for now this was one of the gifts Jerry left in my driveway, just today. How sweet he is!!!!