Friday, November 18, 2005

Who's sleeping in mummy's bed!

Actually, I was going to post something different today, my flowers at the rose show or something along those lines.
I started my Blog back in July and I got my first negative post today. Not really a big deal, huh? But I couldn't believe why! If you would like to read, (you guessed it, anonymous)
comment scroll down to MyKia's (watercolor) picture in the Birdbath. Leave a comment of your own and wipe the bad taste for his comment out of my mouth!

He makes another comment under his first ... "You don't know who I am, HA, HA HA ....... HA ! But I think I do, if not his name, at least I do by the quality he shows in his character! And "Anonymous" is a good name for him because he has probably been anonymous his whole life. Certainly no stars added to his name in God's judgment book!

Above ... A picture of a cat that came to me a few years ago. I named him Washeme. He wrapped himself around my heart immediately, but I promised myself only three cats at a time, so I knew I could not keep him. But I was leaning that way anyway, when a friend of my daughters (he is, American Indian) fell in love with Washeme at first site and he liked his Indian name of, Washeme, too, which I am sure I miss spelled. But he didn't care. He took Washeme to the Indian Reservation with him and I later heard that he had moved to his grandmothers in another state and Washeme went with him, a still much loved cat.

When I find kittens or puppies that need homes I make Birth Certificates for them and I place their paw on an ink pad and place it on the certificate, and a baby picture is also printed on the certificate. Then I leave a place for their new mom and dad to sign, like creams Mom and dad, or Storms, etc. And there is a place for the little ones new name, and a little history of where he was found and any traumas he or she might have gone through. The last two kittens I placed went to their new homes with their birth certificate and whole folders of baby pictures. One was named by her Elderly mommy, Bobbie, and the other was named, Astro, by his new young dad. Both had tears in their eyes after reading the Birth Certificates and seeing all the baby pictures.

It is always worth a little extra effort, and not unhealthy at all. If you can reach out your hand and help just one living breathing being ... Well let God's light shine on you because God will remember your name and it won't be, Anonymous!


Blogger Dak-Ind said...

i scrolled down and left a comment on the weirdo who says it is unhealthy to love cats and dogs and help them the way you do... i hope that your other pet loving readers will do the same.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Unknown!!! said...

after a long time am reading others blogs... these days was busy..hmm very long post..usually u write little..and put up many pics...i liked the pic.."brook"..actually i hate cats.and love dogs...

7:52 AM  
Blogger Faira said...

Unknown, I know this cannot be true, you don't hate cats, Lets just say, one has not captured your heart as yet! Sorry my post was longer than usual but sometimes life isn't the picture book I like to sometimes paint it!
And I vent!

8:31 AM  
Blogger cube said...

hey, you went longer than I did without a negative comment. I just let them roll off my back. Who cares what a coward who's afraid to leave his or her name thinks.

BTW I asked Dak/Ind but she hasn't answered me yet. I know that Jengibre is the Spanish word for that the genesis of his name. he is ginger-colored. Just curious.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Faira said...

Cube, Yes, Jengibre is the Spanish word for ginger. I got a MinPin(girl)puppy when I worked at Northwest Irrigation & my Boss Corey let me bring my new puppy to work each day. Everyone spoiled her rotten, with treats and break and lunch time attention and she had a bed right next to my desk. We employed a lot of Mexican Americans there. They were always trying to teach me Spanish and I always helped them to improve on their English. Jengibre was ginger in color and Adalesmo told me jengibre was the Spanish name for ginger. So he tryed to teach me to say it in Spanish. Me and Spanish are a lost cause, I could never get my tongue around the words. They were always laughing at my efforts, LOL! So I said I am going to call her
"Jen" as in (Jen)ny
"Ja" as in (ju)st and
"bree" as in (bree)ze.
Jen-Ja-Bree ...
They said she must be the only Jengibre in the world the way I pronounced it!LOL

4:22 PM  
Blogger cube said...

Awwww, that's a touching story. Thank you for sharing it. I was very curious about the name.

BTW I agree with the Mexicans about the pronunciation, but that seems to fit such a unique pup like Jengibre.

5:08 AM  

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