Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dak-ind, the closest I could come to a "MeMe"

Sorry, This is the closest I could come to my High School days. I was 5 years old on the left just turned 20 years on the right, with Donnie and our new born, your sister Tamara. The picture on the left was used as a pin up girl for something. You will have to ask Auntie for what, I think it was the Canadian Mounties, but not sure. The other was taken 2 years after High School. And I look the same in this photo as I did in High School only my hair was shorter. Hope these are good enough for your "MeMe" challenge! I added the pin up picture because it was one of your grandmothers favorites and I remember she made me pose for that same picture again when I was seventeen, but I couldn't find it.

OH, Nostalgia!!!

I know you asked for a picture of me from the past but I couldn't resist adding these pictures. Remember... The Pioneer Picnic. You are riding your Big Wheel, I think you are about 4 years old here. The theme that year for the kidies parade was what you find at a picnic. So I made you a Picnic Ant costume from a couple of old pillow cases I dyed black and some black tights. I used ash from the fireplace on your face. And then I tied picnic plates to your Big Wheel. That is real potato salad and chicken bones on those paper plates. You got first place and a cash price.
I had to walk through the whole parade with you to keep you on course and so you wouldn't mow down the bystanders, ha, ha! What fun it was! It was the same year your sister Tamara was the Queen of the Pioneer Picnic. It was hard to keep up with my two stars!! One my little Queen and one my little piss ant, ha, ha!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Look what Akasha brought home!

I was amazed to see this baby possum following behind Akasha along the fence top in the middle of the day. Akasha didn't seem to mind. I brought him out a piece of turkey in the Thanks Giving spirit!
After eating some turkey dinner, he left.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunflower guarding the gate!

Just a sunflower I know but I liked how it looked like it was guarding the gate and the Jet stream in the sky.

I will start posting some flowers I took this spring and summer, to bring a little sunshine into this cold winter. As I sort through them I will post one here and there.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I have my new Name Now!!

Here he is today and if you look down through the 2 pictures of him below he has improved considerably after his ordeal! Finally he has a name and I can't take credit for it because my brother Rick came up with it when he was overseas.
His name is now Meshoo (Me-Shoe)!
I want to thank all of you that offered forth a name for him but I thought this name was pretty and an easy one for him to respond to.

Oh, and those are not fangs you see at his mouth but tuna fish. He had just finished his breakfast and I didn't realize he needed his face washed before I snapped the picture, ha, ha!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I need a name!

He still has a long way to go because his neglect, abuse and hunger have really ravaged his mind and body but he is slowly coming around. We let him progress at his own pace without forcing attentions on him he does not want. Now he comes out to us, of his own free will for our attention and when he has had enough he goes back to his security behind the washer and dryer, but he comes out more often now and stays with us for longer periods of time, a little more each day.

He will still duck his head down sometimes when I pet him bringing my hand over his head. He thinks I am going to hit him I guess. Who's to say what he has been through in his previous life. I just know he will find (NO ABUSE) in his next eight lives!

Oh, and I found this Ebay auction on mindypindy's Blog, you will find their Blog in my right hand side bar... to read more, A Husky's life! Not only can you have fun bidding but you can make a difference and have a great gift, too! I think what they are doing is grrrrrrreat!!! Here is the link to the auction...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jengibre, an Oregon girl

You can not tell from the picture because it was still dark outside when I took the picture this morning. The sidewalk behind Jengibre has about 4 to 5 inches of rain water on it and it is still pouring buckets out there. In some areas of Oregon there has been thirteen inches of rain in the past few hours. In that case she would have had to swim just to go out and go potty, ha, ha! Oh, Oregon, you either love it or hate it; we love it!

Bird bath

Here we are; Oregon with rain, rain and more rain with flood warnings everywhere but that doesn't stop the birds from having their Daily baths in our garden birdbaths!

I went out in this constant rain storm here... to clean out the birdbath's and to storm block the bird feeders to help block some of the wind that is blowing the rain into their feeders. I put suet blocks out in case the protection I gave their feeders doesn't work as well as I would hope! Below you can check out our flood warnings and a few photos taken in one of our Oregon towns of some of their flooding. I have standing water in the front and back garden but not real bad yet. We run a pump to send it out to the street when flooding gets too bad. At least we are not as bad as Ethiopia right now with (no) Crocodiles and snakes. The United Nations have been making food drops in Ethiopia but it has been hard getting it to the people who need it because of these Crocodiles and snakes and high waters.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fall Coat

We took a drive yesterday just to see the fall colors and I am glad I thought to take my camera. This makes a beautiful desktop theme and feel free to use it.

Still haven't got a name for the new cat below. He looks much better than the picture below now.

I have thought about the name Tundra, ("Ton"-dra) because he is going to weigh a TON, the way he eats everything in sight, ha, ha!