Thursday, November 17, 2005

My old Rat Pack

Many of you have wondered about how long I have taken in abandoned pets and that was easy to answer, all my life. Here is the Rat Pack I had before the Rat Pack I have living with me now. Boozer is in the middle, she had ear mites so bad when she was brought to me as a kitten that it messed up her inner ears and she was unable to walk without a wobbly gait, therefore her name. She lived with me 18 precious years. On the left is Sabara, love flowed from her and everyone who came to visit me, fell instantly in love with her. She lived with me for 15 years. On the right is Mine, she was brought to me in worse shape than Boozer, with part of her scalp missing. She loved me but was skittish of strangers, like Akasha is today. She lived with me for 12 years. All passed with age. I will post a picture above of what (my then) Mine and (my now)Mykia looked like when they came to live with us. Hopefully it will encourage some of you to give a hand out when you see a pet that needs a home. I only keep three at a time, but I have found homes for many, many more! Sometimes it just takes a little of your time, and you will get the love back for your good deed, ten fold!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thankyou for being you. Mary

9:30 AM  
Blogger Faira said...

Mary, With your great love for all critters you should start your own Blog. I could help you!You have saved so many innocent lives yourself and with that mushy heart of yours it would be a much better Blog than mine!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Furkids In Hong Kong said...

People like Mary and yourself are heroes in my mind.

If everyone were like you, this world we live in would be heaven.

Thank you both for all the work you've done.

1:59 AM  
Blogger Dak-Ind said...

actually, mom, your blog is pretty darn good!

2:00 AM  

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