Sunday, October 29, 2006

Help Me! I need a name!

I have a home now but now I need a name!!!!!
For those of you that know me, you know that, My-Kya, Akasha and Braille (our blind cat)(pictures below)came to us much the way this one did; with no name, no home and starved for food as well a love. I have always strived to keep the number of homeless that we keep at three. But I can never turn away from the needy ones like this one. He came to us on Oct. 9th 2006.

This photo shows him after two weeks with us, eating sometimes 4 cans of food at one time. It was so starved when I found him that he could barely remain standing, just skin and bones he was. And as you can see still is, seen here, even after two weeks of food.
He had also had all the hair shaved off his left and right sides or just fallen out from lack of any type of nutrition. I have had him for three weeks now. He is now able to stand on his own and was for the first time two days ago able to groom himself. My other three cats below have accepted him without question, having been there themselves, before him.
And believe me no matter how healthy in body, My-Kya, Akasha and Braille are now they still even after these years with us have deep emotional scars. My-Kyia and Braille, will not tolerate anyone they do not know and even some they do know. Akasha, goes no where without My-Kya, he is her security in this world. She runs from even me if she is outdoors and only tolerates my touch when she is indoors, which is only to eat or to come in and sleep when the nights are cold.

This new cat also has emotional scars. He has mostly spent his days since being with me here, sleeping next to the water heater, behind the washer, drier. When he comes out to eat, he knows nothing of play or a gentle touch, thinking he is about to be abused he will run for his sleeping space and his security. He is just now letting me pet him and he likes to sit on my lap when I am at the computer or of an evening on the couch. But if I get up for a few minutes, he immediately runs for the security of his sleeping space. I have a pet door for my pets to go out because I have never liked a cat box in the house. But I have had to set one up for him because he is terrified of the outdoors. I take him out once a day but he immediatly runs for cover and I have to bring him back where he runs for his secure sleeping space.

I need a name for him. I have thought of a couple but am not sure yet. I like TryMe, PyWakket The Pie; so far.
But I wondered if any of you can think of an unusual name for him. If you can, please leave a comment with some names you think would be appropriate for a cat who now has love and a home! When I get a name that I like and think would suit him, I will post a picture of how he looks now and his new name!


Snuggling in the Garden.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My-Kya and Akasha

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Made for a card

I loved the shape of this big rose bloom but it was kind of bla and I wanted to use it to print out a card for a friend using card paper. By making the rose seem to glitter it made the rose stand out better on the card paper, once I printed it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A desktop photo

I made this dektop photo using Paintshop Pro and a photo of some fancy daisies in my garden. I call it, "Three Wishes".

Original flower

This is the original flower photo taken in my garden that I altered to make both of the desktop photos below.

Everyday Desktop Photo

This makes a lovely desktop or a beautiful birthday or get well card.
I love making things like this in my Paint Shop Pro and my Photo Explosion deluxe. I go between those two programs to get the results I want.

Halloween desktop photo

I made this Halloween desktop from a photo I took in the garden. The flowers were yellow until I turned them the blood red as you can see here. Then I added the blood dripping letters and the grim reaper and the skull candle. I hope you like it.

You are welcome to use this for your own desktop. I also made an everyday desktop from the same blood red flowers I posted it above.