Thursday, October 13, 2005

I had gone out in the back garden yesterday morning to put something away in the green house and as is always the case unless I can sneak out and back in unnoticed, the Jays will accompany me demanding peanuts. They caught me this time, so I put a couple handfuls in their feeder as I went back in. Much later in the day I was at the kitchen window and the Jays seemed to be interested in a green lawn chair out back. So I went out to see what the attraction was. I saw that I had forgotten to bring their peanut container back in and worse yet I had forgotten to put the lid back on. This container had been full! Ha, ha! I got a couple pictures of them before taking their free for all peanuts away.

Helen, I don't have any trouble with the Jay's being aggressive with my other smaller birds because every bird in the garden has their own feeding stations that only serve (their favorites).

The only aggression I had from the Jays for the smaller birds was nesting time a few years back. They would tear apart the smaller nesting birds nests, eat their eggs or babies. So I thought on it and came up with a solution. I went to home depot and bought about 20 plastic parts from the venting, section. I brought them home and adjusted them to fit over each hole to each of my bird houses.

Now the nests, eggs and babies are cozy and safe! I believe I have a picture of the changes I made in a past post. Also you can put crushed egg shells out for them and cooked chicken bones with meat left on them, during the nesting season, that helps the Jays get nutrients they crave during their nesting season and also makes them less aggressive toward smaller nesting birds.


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What an artful solution.

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