Sunday, September 18, 2005

These are my Millet feeders and sometimes there are so many birds at these feeders that you can't even see the feeders. These hang right outside our bedroom window in the Sweet Gum tree. I love to wake up to the sound of them at the feeder early in the mornings. I also have a see through peanut feeder for the Jays, connected to the bedroom window with a sturdy suction cup. I have actually gotten some pretty good close up pictures of the Scrub Jays because they go right inside the feeder to get the peanuts. And anyone who knows anything about Jays knows they are not a bit shy.
Wood Peckers (the smaller ones and the Northern Flicker) use these feeders and the suet blocks regularly, too.
I also bored large holes in the larger tree branches that my neighbor, John, pruned from his apple tree this year. I then drilled a hole at the top of the branch and ran wire through it to hang it in the trees. I fill them with a peanut butter & cornmeal mixture that I found the recipe for in one of my Birds and Blooms magazines.
But be prepared, it is like feeding a donkey strawberries, the birds love it and you have to stay on top of filling them.


Blogger cube said...

We have a sweet gum tree, but we like to call it the balls of death tree, especially when the seeds are dry & brown.

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