Saturday, September 24, 2005

A series of four pictures that show what happens when Jays come together at a peanut feeder, ha, ha! They are always characters and I enjoy watching their antics, so I feed peanuts wherever I happen to be at that time in the garden. Peanuts are too expensive to just fill their feeder and walk away, so I only feed them when I can enjoy watching them either outside or from a window (a couple handfuls at a time).
I used to feed raw unsalted peanuts but one of my neighbors didn't like it when they buried them in his garden and a peanut tree would sprout, so I buy unsalted, roasted ones now.
Cosco, is the cheapest place I found to buy them 5 pounds at a time .... At $4.19 a bag.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that neighbor was not me. those peanut plants are so cute..we have them come up all the time,along with sunflower and other bird seed...mary

2:24 PM  

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