Monday, September 19, 2005

I like to make things for the garden. When I made this ... It started out to be a bird feeder but ended up being for water instead. Our Oregon rainy weather put a stop to it being a feeder. But the birds like how it ended up and they use it to both bathe and to drink from.

I have it up close to the front door of the house so that they spend time on the porch railing and I can see them through the storm door.

I made it from an old, large, thick, heavy duty terra-cotta pot that I had already and the base is just a plastic base used under potted plants. You will want it a little larger than the pot you select for the project. Then I used an electric drill and a bit used for concrete to make the holes ... to hang the chains from ... that holds the base. The concrete bit just seems to go through the terra-Cotta better than other drill bits do. It did with this big, thick pot anyway. If you want to do a smaller less heavy version, I am sure any drill bit will do. I got the chains at Home Depot and they cut it to the lengths I wanted. For the top hanging device, I went to Fred Meyers and bought a large ceiling hook with a butterfly nut. Then I got 2 large washers to put between the pot opening at the top and the terra-cotta pot, that I would be putting the ceiling hook into(one washer for the outside top and one for the inside top). Making sure that the washers are large enough so that the ceiling hook is secure against the pot, but also making sure the center hole of the washer is large enough for the ceiling hook to go through but small enough to hold it in place. Then you can secure the ceiling hook with the butterfly nut. I picked up a heavy duty hanging plant holder. And I was in business. It was a fun project and the rewards are awesome. So many Birds and so much Bird song year round and I love (:


Blogger gammamoma said...

MY GOODNESS! what a beautiful garden. You must have a really huge yard for so many great plants!
Thanks for the beautiful views!

4:50 AM  

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